The ASEAN Youth Leaders Association (AYLA) is a network of young people across Southeast Asia aiming to promote inclusive youth participation towards ASEAN community building and achieve a better understanding of unity in diversity, regional solidarity and the ASEAN identity.

AYLA has been established in 7-member states, garnering a dynamic network of young trailblazers, representing different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. It provides youth a profound platform to experience and give in-depth learning on ASEAN to celebrate and welcome the exciting ASEAN One Community by being involved in several advocacies and projects ranging from humanitarian efforts to cultural exchange and leadership camps in its commitment for youth development.

Advocacy Model

advocacy model

Secretary General,
Mr. Danille Fritzgerald O. Soria

Deputy Secretary General,
Mr. Satria Rizaldi Alchatib

President, AYLA Thailand
Ms. Pitchaporn Amphunan

President, AYLA Cambodia
Mr. Piden Hem

President, AYLA Singapore
Mr. Ahmad Fikri Aziz

President, AYLA Malaysia
Mr. Abdul Wahab bin Jumrah

President, AYLA Vietnam
Mr. Manh Trong Dat